A wine journey between Italy and Poland

In our wine magazine, we share another exciting wine story, and this time we go to Poland. Poland is an amazing country full of history with great opportunities in the wine market.

Hi Sławek, you have been working for a while in the wine market in Poland, so we are curious to know how you started.

Back in time, I was a basketball referee, can you believe that? However, after my second child was born and I took an MBA in economics at the same time, I decided to drop the refereeing. After a few weeks, I realized I had lots of free time and I started to get interested in the wine world, more as a passion at the beginning. In 2009, I chose to convert this passion into a job. So, I opened the first wine-dedicated shop. Nowadays, we have three stores in Poznan, and one of them is also a wine bar. In the next weeks, we are going to even open a fourth “enoteca” with the brand MineWine!

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Why wine?

My first deeper experience with wine was in the Champagne in France where I visited one of the historic producers. Walking on hundreds of cellar tunnels where the bottles were sleeping was something magical! During this journey, the passion blossomed. Later, I did different courses as a sommelier to build my knowledge and Italy has become my love. Outstanding, interesting, so diverse, an absolute discovery!

What is the wine your customers appreciate the most?

What I have learned in the last 13 years is that things change and develop. In the beginning, sweet, semi-dry and New World wines got popular. Later European more quality wines have been on the spot. Finally, Italy. I have to say that the golden rule still applies, we call it the “triple P” – Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, Primitivo. However, people have started looking for unique and precious grapes, to have taste adventures and hear interesting things. For example, Nero Buono is surely a grape to discover!

How is wine perceived in Poland?

Wine in Poland is still widely consumed alone, aside from food. In this sense, light wines with less acidity are preferred to be together, but also wines that are interesting to discover. People open the bottles to enjoy wines, especially young people and middle-class people. It must be a wine that is not too tannic, and it must be pleasant and enjoyable. Knowing Poland and Northern countries means this!

Why have you chosen Cincinnato?

I have tried Cincinnato wines in different tasting events, the first time during the Speedtasting organized by Michele Shah and I loved the packaging, the image, the of course wine quality! Plus, we love Giovanna who is a fantastic export manager! Cincinnato is one of the best choices we have made in the last round.

Finally, Cincinnato is also the storytelling, and it embodies the image Polish people have of Italy.

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Can you tell us more about Poland, Italy and wine?

Poland is a dynamic young market, and more and more people travel abroad, especially to Italy. When they are in Italy, they feel cuddled, and they keep the warmth of Italy forever. I especially refer to those who make slow travels and discover new flavours – when they come back they want to find again those flavours and taste of those holidays and this is a space for us, to give them the similar impressions.

Some last remarks?

I’m a huge fan of the indigenous grapes, and my mission as a Vinitaly Italian Wine Ambassador is to talk about them and to make my customers know and taste something which is unknown, something which is underrated and good to discover. We want to feel the same warmth you find in Italy here in Poland!