Vinous praised the Lazio lands for viticultural potential and Cincinnato winery for its wines

The online magazine Vinous praised the hills in Lazio as “potentially golden” for viticulture and awarded high scores to Castore, Raverosse, Polluce and Ercole

During the “Festival Collisioni”, an important event which takes place every year in July in Barolo and proposes good music and  good wine, some wineries from Lazio had the opportunity to meet the editorial staff of Vinous and to present the own wines. The positive impressions about the meeting were confirmed by an article recently published by Ian D’Agata on Vinous, that is it possible to read here.

The celebration of the Lazio region for its extraordinariy suitablity for viticulture was so passionate that it seemed that the author was anxious to say it. He expessed it strongly, maintaining that “there is potential gold in the hills in Lazio”. The unique combination of some specific conditions (“mild climate, rich and varied geological mix of soils, marine breezes, adequate rainfall, pronounced day-night temperature variation and a plethora of rare, high-quality native grape varieties”) can give excellent results. Luckily enough, he adds, the new generation of vine growers is investing much more on quality. Still, the grape Bellone, native of Lazio, is estimated to be one of the most important in Italy and the area around the town of Cori particularly promising. These and other considerations contained in the article have strenghthened the motivation in the local wine sector.

However it is the final score that confirms what Ian D’Agata says. Indeed the Cincinnato wines, tasted during the Collisioni Festival, have been recognised by the magazine as high quality wines: Castore has got 91 points, like ercole and Polluce, while raverosse got 87 points. The review of Vinous represents an important success both for the whole Lazio, by underlining its great potential,  and for the Cincinnato winery, by showing that this potential is already a fact.