Il deciso

Made from Itrana and Leccino cultivars.

Green EVO selection, the natural settling gives cloudiness.

Ideal with robust dishes vegetable and legume soups, meat or fish carpaccio, grilled vegetables, tomato and mozzarella caprese.
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A strong, fresh profile, with fruitiness varying from medium-intense to intense with exciting notes of green tomato and fresh herbs. Full-bodied with very balanced bitter and spicy notes, grassy touches and a sensational tomato aroma.
Manual picking begins at onset of veraison. The olives are defoliated and washed, then processed in selected local mills within 12 hours of harvesting.
Malaxing should be carried out at a temperature no higher than 33 °C, to seal the fragrance.
All unfiltered oil is stored in nitrogen, in stainless steel silos.
Available sizes: Bottle 500ml - 3L Bag in box