Classic method
Classic method – made only with Bellone grapes from an ancient native variety cultivated since ancient times on the lava hillsides of the Cori district. Produced under the traditional classic method which uses second fermentation in bottle, matured on the lees for at least 18 months.
Classification: Spumante Brut
Type of wine: Sparkling wine 
Grape varietiesBellone 100 % 
Alcohol content: 12,5 %
Colour: Intense straw yellow hues usher in a fine
Bouquet: persistent perlage, the nose is intense and fragrant, with delicate fruity sensations laced with yeasty notes conjuring up bread crust and biscuits.
Taste: The zesty palate is fresh and elegant, with well-balanced sweetness
Pairings: perfect food pairing with appetizers; pleasant throughout the meal, excellent with fish 
Serving temperature: 7 °C
Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place 
Consumption: to be drunk within 4 years from the tirage

Located: Selection of the grapes grown the lava hills of the Cori district 
Altritude: 200-250 metres above sea level
Soil: Volcanic - clayey
Training Systems: Rows 
Yield per hectare: 8 tons
Harvest period: last ten days of August

Perfect for aperitifs, delicate first dishes, fresh vegetables, and fish dishes
Featured in our tasting menu with:
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Cannoli of  buckwheat
Cannoli of zucchini, roasted tomato sauce, cannellini beans and mint
Cod with green peas, green apple and polenta wafer
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