Wine of refined elegance obtained entirely from the vinifi-cation of Nero Buono, an ancient grape variety of millennial tradition, recuperated and relaunched by Cincinnato thanks to research and testing which have documented its particular qualitative characteristics.
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Classification: IGT Lazio
Type of wine: Red
Grape varieties: Nero Buono 100 % 
Alcohol content: 13 %
Colour: Ruby red colour with purple highlights
Bouquet: ntense and fragrant nose with scents of red fruits
Taste: Delicate fruity palate, harmonic, with an elegant complexity
Pairings: Suitable to be paired throughout the meal with strong tast-ing dishes
Serving temperature: 16°-18 °C
Consumation: best to be tasted 2-3 years after its vintage
Area: Lavic hills
Altiitude: 200-250
Soil: Volcanic– Calyey
Training system: Rows
Yeld for hectare: 8-10 t
Harvest period: 25th September - 5th October