Solina – late harvest: a sweet wine obtained from grapes of Bellone gathered in 40 years old vineyards. Grapes are left to dry on the plant, under the autumn sun, and are harvest at the end of November. Fermentation and ageing in oak barrels.
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Classification: Bellone IGT Lazio
Type of wine: white 
Grape varieties: Bellone 100 % 
Alcohol content: 15 %
Colour: Warm golden yellow.
Bouquet: exceptionally complex nose with notes of eucalyp- tus, honey, flowers; 
Taste: sweet, elegant, velvety palate, with a delicate note of apricot; 
Pairings: food pairing with cheese and desserts; 
Serving temperature: 14 °C.
Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light.
Consumption: to be tasted even many years after its vintage.

Located: The vineyard is about 40 years old, facing South on the lavic hills of the Cori 
Altitude: 200-250 metres above sea
Soil: volcanic- clayey soil;
Yield per hectare: 50 qli
Harvest period5-20th November.

Perfect with on cheese and desserts dolci.
Featured in our tasting menu with:
Almond swirl with mascarpone mousse,
chocolate sauce and coffee

Caramelized trifle