Typical, value for money & clear soul

Typical, value for money, and with a clear soul: these are the three must-have characteristics of the right wine to compete in the German market. On the phone with Mr Paolo Pozzolini, Italian import businessmen living in Germany, we talk about it. Not only – what people like to drink, his experience as Italian expat in Berlin. Above all, we want to discover how Cincinnato wines are perceived in Germany.

Germany is one of the main importing markets for the Italian wine as also data of 2020 and 2021 first-three months confirm.

More specifically, according to UN Comtrade, Italian exports grew by 4% in 2020 for a total of €1,011 billion. Differently, French exports have decreased by 9%.

In terms of sparkling wines, France still keeps a steady first position, while Italian sparkling wines have increased globally from 37 to 39%.

In general, Germany is on the way to become a wine-oriented market, as 19% of alcohol consumers mainly drink 25 litres of wine pro-capita per year.

Such data are far higher than other neighbour countries and had been pumped by e-commerce blossoming and a more aware search of value-for-money wines.

In fact, according to ProWein research, German wine lovers choose wine according to three main criteria, namely: price, vine, and production certificate. In this sense, the crucial check consumers do relate to market accessibility of the wine, and its actual relation with the territory it comes from.

Indigenous and value-for-money – the main characteristics of Cincinnato wines that have convinced Paolo Pozzolini to import them for Alpagi Food & Wein and to serve them in his Vini su Vini wine bar.

The great quality, taste and price of Cincinnato wine, and the sole transformation of indigenous vines are leading characters of the wines in the German market. In fact, Malvasia Puntinata, Bellone e Nero Buono wines are highly appreciated by his customers.

The wide bouquet of Cincinnato’s wines, the history of Cori territory where Cincinnato is placed, the way the production is done are the winning factors of Cincinnato. Plus, the essential design of its bottles craft a unique and valuable product to be featured in Vini su Vini – if you want to come by, you can find it open in Westfälische Str. 29 from Tuesday to Saturday.

The philosophy of Vini su Vini to suggest the right wine to buy in Germany

The activity of Mr Paolo Pozzolini is not just a matter of knowing this or that wine. Nor is about the pure technical knowledge of wine making. It is a passion that creates bonds between their wine selling shop and each winery they choose. In fact, they have visited all the wineries they feature to grasp their corporate philosophy and history.

In fact, Paolo made a confession – he was impressed by the cuisine of Cincinnato Wine Resort, and by the capacity of Cincinnato to respond immediately and fast to any request. He said: “Not only does Cincinnato have great potential, but it can count on a solid local network of farmers and contacts. This will be crucial for its growth”, he said.

As such, behind each bottle there is a story to tell, a territory and traditions to discover, families that invest their time and resources. hence why, all these elements are at the founding values of Cincinnato wines – indigenous, value-for-money and ‘living wines. Mr Pozzolini and his associates are the ambassadors of Cincinnato tales in Germany. In conclusion, Cincinnato is the right wine to buy in Germany.

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