Osteria della Trippa: the highlight of roman cuisine

Osteria della Trippa is one of the temples of Roman cuisine in the capital. In fact, every customer likes tripe for the first time there. In addition to celery, carrot and onion Alessandra Ruggeri cooks tripe adding a lot of love.

She carefully selects the tripe and all the ingredients as well as the care for all the steps of the preparation of the dishes.
The restaurant is in Rome city center, precisely in the neighborhood of Trastevere. This is one of the iconic places in Rome, known for the shiny nightlife, and the delicious smells of Roman cuisine in the air.

Alessandra gets in Trastevere by chance, while looking for a place with a cozy room allowing her to have a closer relationship with customers. In fact, the restaurant with its small room and the choice of music help to create a familiar and relaxing environment that makes the dining experience enjoyable.

Osteria della Trippa does not take any poetic license and serves just over 30 customers Roman cuisine dishes linked to the experience of Alessandra Ruggeri.

There are no interpretations, but the simple enhancement of Roman cuisine, the culinary tradition of the countryside of Rome part of Alessandra’s memories. In fact, her passion springs from these memories: from pies and desserts prepared by her grandmother or from homemade pasta prepared by her family with fresh eggs collected in their farmhouse.
Passion becomes a real job at the age of 40 when. After a cooking course, she chose to change her life. Initially she was an errant chef and then she arrived in Trastevere, opening Osteria della Trippa at the age of 50.

Her menu is a story in flavors telling us about the summer times spent with her family outside of Rome. Tripe is often part of these memories.

This is offered in various versions: fried tripe, Roman-style tripe with pecorino, tripe with beans, as well as other traditional Roman dishes. Among those there are the “coppa di testa” or Roman pizzaccia, very rustic savory crepes with pecorino cheese and black pepper, which in the past fed the thirst for wine of the customers of the old Roman taverns.

Among the dishes Alessandra is most attached to is the courtyard ragù, which at is offered without tomato sauce with confit tomatoes, herbs and paired with Korì Pas Dosé.
Cesanese (Arcatura or Argeo) and Nero Buono are a good match for tripe and picchiapò. This is a traditional dish of the roman cuisine made of leftovers of meat stewed also mentioned in an Ettore Scola famous movie.

Three years ago, Alessandra chose to start a cooperation with Cincinnato to choose references matching the flavors of Roman cuisine. She meets an agent during a lunch break in which she has been sharing opinions and family recipes.

The choice of references has allowed her to design more combinations of food and wine, choosing local wines with a story to tell.

The strength of the stories and experiences behind each dish is one of the most striking aspects of this place. A place to rediscover ourselves in an authentic atmosphere.