Cincinnato has got many recognitions by Vinibuoni d’Italia

Vinibuoni d’Italia has awarded 4 stars to Ercole 2014, Pozzodorico 2015 and Arcatura 2015 in the edition 2018 of the wine guide

Finally the results of the wines’ selections 2018 have been published by the wine guide Vinibuoni d’Italia Touring Club. Almost 26000 wines have taken part in the contest. Excellent result for Cincinnato winery which has obtained 4 stars for Pozzodorico 2015Ercole 2014 e Arcatura 2015.

Beyond the interpretation of the typology for organoleptic qualities there are other characteristics which are fundamental for the jury of Vinibuoni d’Italia Touring Club. Indeed the wine guide adds that it’s also very important that a wine expresses both the correspondence between it and the vine and that it shows the affinity with the pedoclimatic conditions of the local vines.

It is exactly the research of the purest expression of local varieties the main objective of Cincinnato. Local varieties are believed very precious to protect and promote the cultural identity. That is why the recognitions obtained are particularly important for Cincinnato.