Jancis Robinson meets Cincinnato

The famous wine journalist Jancis Robinson has reviewed Cincinnato wines

Jancis Robinson, likely the most influencial wine journalist ever, has recently tasted and commented Cincinnato wines. She is the first Master of Class not belonging to the wine trade. Since 1975 she has criticized wines for magazines and newspapers. Today she curates her website and a column for the Financial Times besides giving advice to the Queen Elizabeth II, regarding her own cellar.

Among the Cincinnato wines, two white ones are preferred: Pantaleo and Illirio 2016, which gained 17.5 and 17+ points. Pantaleo is defined “with strong personality”, intense color and strong aromas of grapefruit and lime. The aromatic quality reminds vaguely, says Robinson, the Eden Valley Riesling. “Mouth-filling citrus fruit, mandarin and cut lime”. Illirio instead stands out for its “gorgeous spicy mandarin an cut lime notes” and for its “lovely texture”.

Both Pozzodorico 2015 and Ercole 2014 obtained 16.5 points. As for Pozzodorico Jancis Robinson congratulates the oenologist, who “doesn’t try to make an international style”. She appreciates his full body, the great length and high pleasure factors. Wine that “screams sea food”. Ercole, with a splendid nose, fresh fruits, red and black berries, is particularly striking for the quality of the raw material. On the other hand we are talking about Nero Buono!