One thousand bubbles of Bellone. Metodo Classico is coming!

Here we are!

Next month Cincinnato will present the first sparkling wine made with the traditional method!

The factory has been producing “Brut“, since 1990 using the Martinotti method; the wine is made with Bellone grapes.

What is the differnce between the Martinotti Method and the Traditional Method? It is all downto the development of bubbles in the wine.

The Brut Cincinnato is produced following the Martinotti Method or Charmat Method.

The wine, after the first fermentation, is moved to a stainless steel pressure tank with the addiction of sugar and yeats. During this period, called second fermentation, the sugar is trasformed in alcool and carbon dioxide. This phase has a duration oh minimum of 30 days af a maximum of six months; and at the end of process the wine is bottled

The Metodo Classico Cincinnato is produced with a different method: this method is called Champenoise in France but in Italy Traditional or Classic Method.

The second fermentation is done directly in the bottles, whit the addition of the liquer de tirage (a mix of yeats and sugar). Than the bottles are stopped whith a crown cap.

The bottles are stored horizontaly for 24 / 36 months (some wine sleeped for 120 months). After this period the remunage starts: the bottles are turned until they reathe vertical position (the farms use the giropalette).

The last step is the disgorging (degorgement): the neck of the bottles are frozen and leas are eliminated.

The bottles are topped with the liquer de expedition and then corked again.

The  Cincinnato Metodo Classico is ready to be tasted!