Christmas presents

Cincinnato wines, ever trendy as presents for Christmas!

Decorated bottles with fine ribbons, placed in elegant wood cases or in simple cardboard boxes, alone, in pairs, or with three more. These are just some opportunities to pack your Cincinnato wines as present for Christmas. They are already available in our shop!

Some of them are packed together with handmade keychain, made with the sparkling wine corks. Others are packed together with handmade napkin rings, made with Cincinnato wines’ corks and others together with Cincinnato bottle-openers. In short, if for Christmas you need a gift of certain success, you can rely on Cincinnato. In addition to the bottles of wine, freshly milled oil is available alone or in combination with other products, like the beloved sweet wine Solina, the Arciprete grappa or others from the whole range that is already known. As far as the formats are concerned, you can choose between the classic 0.75 liter bottle, the 1.5 liter or the small 0.375 ones. Here some photos of possible packs. Visit us at the store to see all the decorations available or visit our social networks, which are continuously updated.