Ai Tre Scalini an historic venue of Rome worth visiting

In the heart of the Monti district lies a historic venue of Rome worth visiting: Ai Tre Scalini.

The Monti district is a picturesque area of the capital, populated by nineteenth-century buildings and places of interest such as the Colosseum, the Imperial Forums and Trajan’s Markets.

However, the most photographed spot by tourists passing through the district is an American vine that has grown to frame via Panisperna, the facade and entrance of this historic venue of Rome.

Ai Tre Scalini is an ancient wine bar. In fact, the first documents that mention it seem to date back to 1895, like the same sign of the venue, presumably dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century. Some wooden paintings dating back to the early 1900s made by painters known for decorating the churches of the district further link the wine bar to the history and cultural heritage of Rome.

Nineteen years ago, Barbara and Adriano chose not to alter the wine bar, preserving its historical heritage and focusing on cold dishes, selecting high-quality hams, cheeses, and bread.

From Leoni’s porchetta to Cincinnato wines, to Amatrice ham and Roscioli bread, the historic venue Ai Tre Scalini is not a tourist trap.

In fact, locals and residents of the district alternate with tourists who have stumbled upon the venue to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere that preserves the authenticity and truthfulness of Rome. Aperitifs, quick meals, or just a moment of serenity for a chat with friends over a glass of wine are an authentic Roman experience at Ai Tre Scalini.

The wine list mainly features regional wines and autochthonous grape varieties from Lazio, including wines produced from the Nero Buono and Bellone grapes of Cincinnato.

If you are in Rome, we recommend stopping at Ai Tre Scalini for a platter of Ariccia porchetta paired with an Ercole red wine or, for white wine lovers, a structured Bellone such as Enyo Cori DOC.