Il Vinaietto in Rome – a unique place for wine and history

We can already imagine the reaction by Giancarlo and Marco when they saw Robert Plant, frontman of the Led Zeppelin, turning up in their wine bistro. Robert Plant was not “Dazed and Confused”,

he was just looking for a nice and calm spot in Rome near Campo de’ Fiori, but also isolated from too much hustle.  In Il Vinaietto Robert Plant was simply looking for Rome authenticity, and Il Vinaietto is a place in Rome where people can freely discuss on wine, politics, and sports in a friendly way.

Il Vinaietto in Rome wine bistro - Giancarlo leaning on the entrance door
Giancarlo, leaning on the Vinaietto door wine bistro in Rome

A straight-to-the-content place, with zero tricks to attract tourists, but with walls full of historical and football posters – this is Vinaietto in Rome. The last 30 years are treasured there, within a place which looks old as Rome.

To discover this place, we have spoken with Giancarlo on the phone. He tells us passionately his political and football faiths, which get intertwined and are the values guiding Vinaietto wine bistro.

Everything here it is bound by wine, the secret ingredient which makes the experience unique.  

In fact, there is no better resolve than facing joy and pains with a glass of wine of Ercole wine by Cincinnato. In Vinaietto, there is no Wi-Fi, because if you want to know information about the wine, it is better to be offline.


Giovanna is the Cincinnato winery main coordinator, and Giancarlo is the owner of Il Vinaietto in Rome. They sit together in Il Vinaietto having a wine glass of PolluceNero Buono by Cincinnato in a nice and friendly atmosphere
Giovanna Trisorio of the Cincinnato team together with Giancarlo, of Il Vinaietto, having a nice glass of Cincinnato red wine.

As you go there, Vinaietto reflects the spirit of Rome, and you cannot just Google it. Genuineness, hospitability, openness to the discussions, as long as they follow manners and they are accompanied with a good glass of wine.

In Vinaietto in Rome, you can also recommend new wine names, or it happens that you are the first one to try a different type of wine. Quality and price are its strongest point. As Giancarlo tells us,

“Wine is happiness, so it should be easy to share and spread it”.

The wine carte of Vinaietto could not miss the Nero Buono and Bellone by Cincinnato so connected with the mythology and the history of Rome.

In fact, il Vinaietto is a unique place in Rome, where people look for a unique experience, and where they fall in love with the authentic Rome, and bring it back with their memories. Even the New Zeland Herald Tribune columns talk about Il Vinaietto and the Virgin Atlantic flight magazine mentions it in the 10 things to do in Rome.

So, if you stop by Monte della Farina 38 street, you will immediately recognise Il Vinaietto as one of those places much bigger than the space within its walls.