Mercato Plebiscito: a place in Rome for the authentic Italian gastronomy

Located in Rome city Center you will find Mercato Plebiscito, it is the place to find the authentic Italian gastronomy. The excellences of Italian gastronomy are available in 700 square meters market in via del Plebiscito, a stone’s throw from Piazza Venezia in Rome.

Mercato Plebiscito is the product of the curiosity and dynamism of the young Alessandro Rappini. Alessandro decided to adapt to the Italian environment and market the model of the Chelsea Market in New York. Clearly it was the chance to transform the passion for gastronomy into a real business project.

Mercato Plebiscito does not sell market products and it is not a real restaurant.

Mercato may recall the places like the Eataly, but in addition to the selection of the Italian gastronomy available, the difference is the chance of being served at the table.

In Mercato there is a Neapolitan café and pastry shop, a corner dedicated to healthy food and salads, a gastronomy, a Roman pizzeria, a gastronomy, a kitchenette with fresh pasta, a space dedicated to extra virgin olive oil, a wine shop and a brewery.

A single menu brings together all the food and wine offer. Likewise, the service and the cashier are shared. This way the customer can have a comfortable gastronomic experience or a practical lunch break.

The quality of Italian gastronomy and the human factor are the uniqueness of Mercato Plebiscito.

At the age of 27 Alessandro had to face the practical problems that starting up such a business entails. In fact, from fundraising to build the venue, to choosing the right selection of products for such a vast and varied space, he needed to take strategic decisions to launch the business.
For this reason, Alessandro contacted several excellent producers/artisans selected on the quality of their products. Subsequently, he further chose, going down to the best 25. These are now part of Plebiscito, with their own corner or displayed and retailed from the shelf.

The ones in Mercato Plebiscito are producers and artisans who responded to Alessandro’s messages. What is more, they have been further selected for their family and entrepreneurial mentality, which had to be aligned with the one of Mercato. The attitude and openness to dialogue is essential to improve the service. As well as the care for the product and the customer care. Mercato Plebiscito was born from trust and dialogue as a growth tool.

Behind the authentic Italian gastronomy of Mercato Plebiscito there is a team of young entrepreneurs. They have a great desire to expand Mercato together, making it unique in the national territory.

Mercato Plebiscito has chosen to give a regional imprint to food-wine matching. Infact, the wine shop sells among the wine excellence of the region Cincinnato wines.

The Cincinnato   is the welcoming fresh drink served in Mercato. The rest of the Cincinnato wines are the perfect match with the authentic Italian gastronomy served in Mercato Plebiscito. On the shelf and in the wine shop you will find from wines to bubbles, including the classic method Korì. Quality was the first reason that led Alessandro to choose Cincinnato.

The value for money wines and the friendliness of the company have favored the partnership and the start of new projects together. In fact, 700 square meters more are under construction, and will be entirely dedicated to a shop for wines from Lazio region and Cincinnato’s ones.

Mercato Plebiscito and Cincinnato can dream together to make it real.