The authentic Roman cuisine conquering the world.

If you want to taste the authentic Roman cuisine, you should book a table at the Antica Pesa restaurant, located in Rome city center.

In 1922 Antica Pesa has been established in the heart of the Trastevere district, in a seventeenth-century customs house of the Papal State and from there it has begun a journey towards the world limelight.

Antica Pesa is a lively place were all sort of people meet up for a bite and to enjoy. Even Russell Crowe have been here.

In fact, he has been celebrating here after the shooting of the movie “Robin Hood” directed by Ridley Scott playing the guitar till late night.

Nowadays Panella family is a point of reference and ambassador of Roman cuisine in the world.

Back from Antica Pesa in New York, chef Simone Panella enthusiastically admits that the work and choices of the producers of raw goods have contributed to the success of Roman cuisine.

In fact, the young producers of Lazio region have focused on quality, which together with the knowledge of the chefs has contributed to a greater interest in Roman cuisine worldwide.

In fact, between the 90s and 2000s, the regional products of Lazio have improved and found admirers of both wines and gastronomy.

Young chefs of Roman cuisine have been able to exploit technologies and creativity to transform a dusty and familiar style into a trendy cuisine made of both innovation and tradition.

This has been a great push to Roman cuisine. In fact, the interpretations of the dishes have multiplied producing creative and ethnic interpretations.

As a result of this process, people worldwide have discovered Roman cuisine falling in love with it. Simone Panella confirms this trend. Cacio e pepe, Amatriciana are very popular dishes in Simone’s restaurants abroad.

Carbonara is even more popular, but inflated and reworked in versions not in line with the Roman style. Therefore the carbonara was removed from the menus of the Antica Pesa abroad.

The ability to read the market and interpret trends and the quality of cooking were the ingredients of the long life elixir of the Antica Pesa.

Antica Pesa has always aimed to keep up with the times while maintaining high standards.

Panella family has been able to read the changes in the market and the new needs thanks to the observation of New York market.

In fact, reading the needs and trends in US helps to understand in advance the needs that will reach Europe soon after.

For this reason Antica Pesa has chosen to carefully plan and develop communication activities, especially the digital ones. Antica Pesa has been promoting Roman activities and cuisine on social networks and creating the first website 25 years ago.

Furthermore, Antica Pesa monitors the developments of the metaverse in the field of catering to understand the potential and applications.

What may seem a courageous and unconventional choices have rewarded the Antica Pesa, as well as Cincinnato.

Cincinnato’s pioneering choice of cultivating native vines, constantly improving quality, caught the attention of Simone Panella and prompted him to choose Cincinnato wines for Antica Pesa.

A glass of Cincinnato Brut welcomes guests to the Antica Pesa. This is sparkling wine made of pure bellone grape product of the research and enhancement of the Lazio winemaking tradition. Cincinnato is the right match with authentic Roman cuisine.

According to Simone Panella, the work carried out by companies such as Cincinnato has allowed a path which led to an improved perception of wines from Lazio.

Precisely this pioneering perspective has prompted many companies in the region to follow the path of quality and to work scientifically in the cultivation and production of wine.

Antica Pesa has supported Cincinnato from the very beginning. In fact, the two have similar views on the importance of quality and innovation. Precisely for this reason from Rome to New York we toast with a bellone, renewing the esteem and collaboration between Antica Pesa and Cincinnato.