Pizza and Wine: a refined combination

For a long time, the pairing of pizza and beer was an undisputed classic of Italian gastronomy. The pizza, especially the Margherita, with its golden crust, the intense flavor of the tomato and the delicacy of the mozzarella, seemed to find a perfect complement in the beer, capable of balancing the flavor and richness of the flavours. The history of this combination dates back to the 1950s, when less wealthy families, to enjoy a few hours of conviviality at a cheaper cost, thought of replacing the fine wine that traditionally accompanied pizza with a product accessible to all: beer. This new union has dominated the tables of pizzerias and homes for decades, becoming an unwritten rule of good living and eating.
But consumer tastes and preferences continually evolve and, if some time ago pizza and beer were inseparable, today we are witnessing a reversal of direction. The most refined palates seek new taste experiences to combine with the queen of Italian culinary tradition. This desire for innovation has led to the rediscovery of the enormous potential of pairing pizza and wine, capable of enhancing and elevating the flavors of pizza to unexpected levels.

A perfect wine for margherita pizza

A surprising and rewarding combination is the one between pizza margherita and Bombo di Cincinnato wine, a prized excellence of the Lazio region. Bombo is not just a wine, but a celebration of the territory and traditional winemaking techniques. Produced with certified organic grapes, Bombo is processed with meticulous care. The grapes, destemmed and placed in the press, undergo delicate contact with the skins without being pressed. This process allows us to obtain only the free-run must, which ferments naturally in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Subsequently, the wine ferments in the bottle with must, maturing for at least six months. The result is an unfiltered and unclarified wine, which retains a light natural effervescence and a unique complexity of flavours. Precisely for this reason the combination between pizza margherita and Bombo di Cincinnato is a hymn to territoriality and refinement. The liveliness of the sparkling wine perfectly balances the flavor of the mozzarella and the acidity of the tomato, while its freshness and light perlage cleanse the palate, preparing each subsequent bite.

Bombo, vino rifermentato biologico di cincinnato

In short, today the pizza and beer rule is no longer the only way to enjoy all the flavours. By now, wine has taken part in this tasty tradition, offering new pairing perspectives. Pairing the Margherita pizza with Bombo di Cincinnato enhances the genuine flavors of the pizza and celebrates the richness of Lazio’s food and wine heritage. This combination transforms a common meal into a memorable experience, opening the doors to new and delicious discoveries.