The new Cincinnato vintages between challenges and opportunities

Presented as a preview at Vinitaly, the new Cincinnato 2024 vintages have already won the hearts of visitors to the event. The innovative flavors are those of a company that has been committed to a quality project aimed at constantly improving its products for over 20 years. In fact, despite the challenges faced in the last year, Cincinnato continues to maintain a leading role in the transformation of grapes in the Lazio region. Pantaleo Greco IGP, Quinto Bellone IGT Bio, Illirio – Doc, Puntinata Malvasia IGT, Castore Bellone IGT are the wines proposed for the 2024 vintage represented by local aromas and soft and innovative flavours.

The challenges and opportunities of cincinnato

The new Cincinnato vintages have not been without challenges. The 2023 harvest, in fact, stood out for the uncertain weather conditions dictated by a mild and dry winter and a spring of sudden rains. These climatic fluctuations can be seen in the table below, they have favored the creation of an ideal environment for the spread of vine diseases, one of which is downy mildew.

Despite the difficulties, the professionalism and technique of the Cincinnato company have made it possible to obtain a quality in line, if not superior, with the latest Cincinnato vintages. The alternation of temperatures favored the development of the aromas of the grapes, contributing to the production of wines characterized by complexity and depth.

Table with parameters relating to the 2023 harvest.

The 2023 harvest of Cincinnato

The new Cincinnato vintages, despite the challenges faced, have maintained a high quality compared to previous vintages.

The Bellone, both conventional and organic, although harvested in lower quantities due to downy mildew, maintained excellent quality, showing valid PDH and total acidity values, as well as the characteristic sugar content of the berry. The selection of Bellone Cincinnato confirmed its typical versatility also in the harvest from 4 to 16 September 2023, cultivated with integrated and organic agriculture. The Malvasia Puntinata was harvested in the second week of September, followed by the Greco. Here too, despite the limited quantities, the quality remained high, with pH and total acidity at adequate levels.

Subsequently, the Nero Buono was harvested starting from September 19th with grapes characterized by excellent phenolic ripeness and an important anthocyanin load. At the same time, the Cesanese was also harvested, and although in limited quantities, the quality remained excellent, adding a distinctive note to the wines produced.

In the last days of the Cincinnato harvest, 26 and 27 September respectively, the Montepulciano arrived, characterized by a rich color and excellent qualitative characteristics, contributing to the production of robust and structured wines.

The flavor of the new Cincinnato vintages

The 2024 Cincinnato vintage characterized by challenges, opportunities, distinctive flavors and territorial aromas represents the innovation of the Lazio company, ready to face difficulties with professionalism and high production quality. Precisely for this reason, the low quantity of grapes harvested concentrated the sugary matter on all the grapes, both white and red, helping to maintain a natural balance in the fermentations and composition of the wines. Now all that remains is to try the new Cincinnato 2024 vintage and discover the new aromatic notes that demonstrate the resilience and experience of the Lazio winery.


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