Pair wine and meat: each glass has its own cut

Since ancient times, meat has been a fundamental presence in human diets, essential for complete and balanced nutrition. Through the centuries, its importance has grown not only as a source of physical sustenance, but also as a culinary pleasure and sensory experience. From ancient necessity to modern delight, meat has undergone a journey full of cultural and culinary transformations.

Throughout history, eating meat was not just a matter of survival, but also an act of celebration and conviviality. In many cultures, meat-based meals were an occasion for celebration and sharing, symbols of prosperity and well-being. At the same time, the rejection of meat could be interpreted as a gesture of penance or renunciation, a sign of sacrifice or spiritual discipline.

Today, the evolution of gastronomy has led to an unprecedented variety of ways to enjoy meat. From classic steaks to more refined dishes such as tartare, from traditional cooking to the most innovative techniques, the universe of meat presents itself as a fertile field for the expression of culinary creativity.

Chefs and cooking enthusiasts continue to experiment with unusual cuts, surprising marinades and bold combinations, creating dishes that satisfy not only the palate, but also the sight and smell.

Meat and wine, an inseparable couple

The art of pairing wine and meat dates back to ancient times, when the two culinary delights were considered a perfect pair. Red wine, with its complexity of flavors and aromas, has always found its place alongside meat, offering a unique sensory experience that pairs perfectly with a wide range of meat-based dishes. Pairing wine and meat has become a passion.

Red wine, thanks to its acidity and tannic structure, lends itself beautifully to accompanying meat in many of its incarnations. Whether it’s a succulent beef fillet, an aromatic roast lamb or a tender piece of pork, red wine is able to enhance the flavors of the meat, balancing its richness with its complexity.

Sustainable meat, ecological wine

In recent years, growing concern about meat has highlighted the problems associated with intensive farming and mass production, highlighting the importance of meat quality and animal welfare. Consuming meat from extensive and controlled farming not only guarantees a higher quality product, but also a more sustainable choice for the environment. For this reason it is important to choose and pair sustainable wine and meat even for dinners with friends.

Cincinnato for Mr. Manzo

The Mr. Manzo restaurant and grill, located in the heart of Rome, embraces this philosophy, committing itself to guaranteeing the origin and quality of the meat to offer its customers a unique and excellent culinary experience.

Mr. Manzo’s mission integrates perfectly with that of Cincinnato: both aim to satisfy customers’ palates, while keeping a careful eye on the surrounding environmental impact.

Mr. Manzo’s choice to pair Cincinnato red wines with his cuts of meat offers a unique experience that celebrates the perfect synergy between wine and meat.


Discover the selection of Cincinnato wines on the site, to pair with Mr. Manzo’s cuts of meat.