Verve terrace restaurant in Rome

Determination and character are the ingredients of Verve terrace restaurant in Rome and are the perfect match for the Korì Pas Dosé by Cincinnato.

Verve is an elegant and softly lit place in the heart of Rome, precisely in Via Giulia. The architecture and furnishings of the venue honour an area planned by Bernini at the dawn of the Italian Renaissance. Above all, the cuisine of chef Adriano Magnoli and the mastery of pastry chef Antonella Mascolo are what makes Verve the ideal place to stop for a unique culinary experience. It amazes for its great quality, character, and panache. This is how the flavours of Roman cuisine are enhanced.

Chef Magnoli and pastry chef Mascolo mould the soul of Verve – the kitchen.

Nella foto a destra lo chef

Magnoli and Mascolo have studied and perfected their technique in a long and intense journey in starred restaurants such as the Zafferano di Londra and the 2 Michelin-star restaurant of Oliver Glowig.

Their philosophy is linked to the enhancement of local products and wines, such as those of Cincinnato. In addition, their cuisine is essential, clear, allowing each element to express its character. As such, the experience at Verve’s begins in the charming streets of Rione Regola and deepens in the rooms of the Hotel D.O.M. or on the Verve’s Roman summer terrace, a verve roof garden.

The Roof Garden overlooking the rooftops and domes of Rome is the favourite corner of pastry chef Antonella Mascolo to taste a glass of Korì Pas Dosé.

In fact, according to chef Mascolo, the bubbles of Korì Pas Dosé are pleasant, ideal for starting a unique taste experience like the one that Verve has to offer.

Antonella Mascolo has revealed us how important it is for Verve that the ingredients and wines are in line with their philosophy. In particular, the quality of the wine must go hand in hand with what is expertly elaborated, cooked, and served.

Verve sparkling korì cincinnato wine

Korì Pas Dosé has been a pleasant discovery for the Verve restaurant in Rome.

Korì Pas Dosé tells Verve customers the winemaking tradition and the history of Rome and Lazio to discover.

Specifically, what fascinates Verve customers, in addition to the winemaking tradition and history, are the new journeys to discover unknown tastes and territories.

In particular, the Bellone traditional grape vinified for the Korì is still little known, and it is instead a real treasure that preserves a thousand-year history linked to ancient Rome, the writings of Pliny the Elder and the ancient cults.

Come to Verve for a story to be discovered.

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