Cincinnato – a new virtual tour winery experience

Cincinnato, the first winery in Latina County, that you can visit with a virtual tour. Are you planning to celebrate the wedding in our cellar, or do you want to organize your party in an exclusive wine resort, or do you want to take a journey in our rooms for a weekend outside Rome?

As Cincinnato, we have decided that it is possible to visit our cellar in a virtual way, from the comfort of your home!

The virtual tour project was born from the collaboration with Molekolà, an innovative company that has scanned the interiors of Cincinnato in order to see in detail what this exclusive Lazio winery can offer.

So, as Cincinnato winery, we have opened our doors because we think winery visits should be the perfect surprise for your dearest ones. Not only that – you can visit the restaurant and the rooms, and observe the indoor materials, with almost the fidelity as reality.

In this way, we bring innovation to the wine tourism sector and create new experiences and services for people interested in exploring authentic Italy and the great traditions of winemaking.

cincinnato virtual tour

From virtual to real: we are waiting for you in our wine resort to try our fine cuisine and our wines. Not only that: for the next weekend and for Valentine’s Day, if you book a night with us, we will give you a second one!