Environmental Sustainability

Sustaining the environment is an objective we pursue with different strategies.

More than 2,400,000 kWh of photovoltaic energy produced in ten years. Far more than the estimated production for a plant with a power of 198.59 kWp. This figure, updated to June 2020, equates to a saving of 1,274,400 units of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. A result heralding an enviable goal achieved in terms of environmental protection.

In particular, in January 2020 the plant produced over 40% more than expected and in no small measure thanks also to the excellent weather conditions. Much more than the average production recorded in previous years, even compared to January 2019, while June 2020 results, while better than expected (+20%), was lower than the average recorded during the same months measured from the time of plant installation, and certainly lower than June 2019.

Ultimately, however, production for the first half of this year was approximately 6,000 kWh higher than that for the same period  2019.

A further objective achieved in terms of environmental sustainability comes in decreased bottle weight, dropping from 550g to 500g, with a consequent reduction not only of emissions, but also of raw materials (diesel, sand, soda, limestone) needed to manufacture them. In point of fact, estimated bottle carbon footprint, if we add the emissions from transport, is practically equal to its weight, in other words every gram of glass produced diffuses an almost equivalent weight of CO₂ into the environment. With over 950,000 lighter bottles per year, we have reduced carbon dioxide emissions to the environment by almost 10%.

An increasingly “environment-friendly” attitude to flank the focus on 100 hectares of entirely organic vineyards.