Experience the cuisine and the authentic atmosphere of Rome

Immersed in Rome city center, La Villetta is a restaurant that has upheld the tradition of the authentic Roman cuisine since 1940. Founded by “Sora” Ada and her husband Silvio during difficult times amidst the war, this osteria with a kitchen has been a beacon of passion and dedication for true Roman cuisine.

Located at the foot of the Aventine Hill, La Villetta has faced years of challenges and overcome difficult times, gradually passing on their passion for Roman cuisine to their three children: Aldo, Erinna, and Maria Pia. Over the years, this historic and prestigious establishment has welcomed hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life, including famous personalities, actors, politicians, singers, footballers, and even high-ranking Cardinals. Moreover, La Villetta has always had a special relationship with Roma Calcio, with many players from the team frequenting the restaurant since the 1940s.

Today, after almost 80 years, La Villetta has become one of the most renowned restaurants for traditional Roman cuisine in the capital, thanks to the dedication of Claudio (the host), his sister Cristina, Orlando, and Annamaria. The restaurant has been passed down from generation to generation, and there are already children and grandchildren ready to carry on the tradition and celebrate the first century of existence with all the success they deserve. It is indeed a source of pride for each family member to lead a historic establishment that can boast a century-old guide from the same family. La Villetta is one of the preferred restaurants for celebrities and AS Roma players in the capital, as evidenced by the numerous photos on the restaurant’s Instagram profile.

La Villetta now offers extraordinary dishes, featuring ancient recipes and innovative creations, always striving to strike the perfect balance between the old and the modern to deliver a triumph of flavors that embody the many facets of Rome. 

Il ristorante La Villetta è uno dei luoghi più popolari di Roma. Anche le celebrità amano La Villetta luogo dove trovare i vini Cincinnato

The family’s and Claudio’s mission seems to be precisely to showcase the true and authentic Roman cuisine in the best possible way, through the most genuine flavors and the vibrancy of the most authentic Rome.

La Villetta, nestled between the San Saba and Testaccio neighborhoods, represents an authentic treasure trove of Roman cuisine. This authentic restaurant of Rome offers a welcoming atmosphere and a culinary experience that tells the story of Rome through its dishes. Whether you are a long-time Roman or a curious visitor, it welcomes you with open arms for a genuine Roman culinary experience.

Not only can you immerse yourself in the authentic culinary experience of Roman cuisine, but you can also discover the art of the perfect pairing of food and wine in Rome city center. 

The attention given to native grape varieties such as Nero Buono and Bellone is one of the distinctive features of the restaurant. So, let yourself be transported on a unique enogastronomic journey where the passion for the culinary tradition of Rome merges with the excellence of local wines. Whether you are a wine enthusiast or simply eager to explore the authentic flavors of Roman cuisine, La Villetta is the perfect place to delight your senses. With its centuries-old history, welcoming atmosphere, and attention to detail, the restaurant invites you to experience the soul of Rome through its dishes and fine wines.

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Immerse yourself in history, savor the dishes of Roman cuisine, and discover the harmony between the flavors of local specialties and the wines of Cincinnato. With every bite and sip, you will be enveloped in an authentic and unforgettable experience that celebrates the richness of Rome’s enogastronomic culture.