100% Itrana

Solo Itrana – an expression of its homeland. An EVO using only the Itrana variety, the district’s finest olive.
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An intense green hue and a nose profile of breathtaking depth showcasing aromas that range from aromatic herbs to almond, tomato and artichoke. The palate attack is mild, with well-balanced bitter and spicy notes. Intense and persistent but not aggressive flavour, so extremely versatile. The strong tomato hint makes it a perfect condiment for tomato salsa pasta, buffalo caprese, garlic and tomato bruschetta. Its light bitterness and spiciness are the perfect foil for meat carpaccio but also good in salad and grilled vegetable dressings.
Manual picking begins at onset of veraison. The olives are defoliated and washed, then processed in selected local mills within 12 hours of harvesting.
Malaxing should be carried out at a temperature no higher than 33 °C, to seal the fragrance.
All unfiltered oil is stored in nitrogen, in stainless steel silos.
Available sizes: Bottle 500ml - 3L Bag in box