Success of Cincinnato at the Vinitaly

It is not yet another nostalgic “throwback” content, but we would love to share the surprising success of Cincinnato at Vinitaly Special Edition 2021.

In fact, just under a month ago Vinitaly Special Edition finished. Cincinnato together with other 400 among wineries and consortia took part to the 2021 edition of Vinitaly. In addition, 12,000 wine professionals, including 2,500 buyers coming from 60 different countries came over to Verona. Their presence have determined the success of Cincinnato at Vinitaly.

Hence, an unexpected number of buyers and professionals for the first world-wide event on wine after the lockdowns we have been across due to the spread of Covid 19.
Moreover, Cincinnato together with the excellent feedback received from the audience managed to network with buyers. In Vinitaly Special edition Cincinnato had a company stand entirely dedicated to the new organic line – Lelio, Quinto and Argeo the natives at the Vinitaly Special Edition

Successo al Vinitaly dei biologici Cincinnato Success at Vinitaly for Cincinnato's wines Argeo, Quinto and Lelio

The organic wines of Cincinnato at Vinitaly

Vinitaly audience confirms a renewed interest in indigenous and organic grapes, Nero Buono and Bellone above all, grown and vinified together with Cesanese.

In addition, the charm of bellone resides as well in the history of the grape rooting in ancient Rome as well as its versatility.

“The success of Vinitaly resides in the presence of numerous buyers. In fact, this has been a message of hope for the whole wine sector”, says Giovanna Trisorio, manager of Cincinnato.

The stakeholders and professionals who took part to the Vinitaly Special Edition were from alloverthe world. In particular from Europe (mainly from northern countries, Germany, and France), Russia, the United States and Canada lead the demand for Italian wine at the fair, followed by Eastern Europe (Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria and Czech Republic), the United Kingdom and China, which returned to Verona.

Moreover, according to the director of Verona fairs Giovanni Mantovani, this international presence is in line with the growth figures recorded on international markets.

In conclusion, we can be confident for an energetic relaunch of the sector and a growth of international markets and the recovery of the domestic market.

Soprendente successo di Cincinnato al Vinitaly Special edition - Success at Vinitaly for Cincinnato